Winning Essays, Part 3

“Then I’ll use them on Carrie,” he said. I informed him that his sister would not relinquish her freedom to him either. I told him to think about the fact that no one would want to play his game; he said he still wanted them.

So, the three-week countdown began. After two weeks and a day, he came to me and said, “I’m glad you made me wait for the handcuffs. I don’t want them anymore. I want a police car.”

Submitted Anonymously:
In the 1970s we lived by some neighbors who had three sons, they were French-Canadian and the boys were very loved and well-disciplined. However, I never had a brother I had only one sister who was older. As I was pregnant and watching my neighbors’ boys playing as boys do in their back yard, I remember thinking, “There is NO WAY that I’ll have three sons.”

I thought that I was more inclined to have girls; however, I would consider myself more of a tomboy. Growing up, I wasn’t in the frills and bows of little girls, but was very active in sports and outdoor activities. Now here it is nearly thirty years later, and I have three grown sons and a grandson and finally a year ago near our 34th Anniversary, we got our little granddaughter.

I am so proud of my three sons. Each of them is so different and they hardly look as though they’re related. Our “family night” was Friday night, and my husband and I had “date night” on Saturday night. Our love, steadfastness and priorities have passed on a heritage to our sons about what was the most important thing in our life, and that is and was our family.

We prayed together and stayed together. As life sent so many challenges our way it helped us to become victorious over life’s battles. Without a doubt my three sons then and now know that they are the most important ones in ours lives and all three of them have selected beautiful soulmates and wives that would make any parents proud.

I believe the secret in it all is having belief in your loved ones and always treating them with love and respect as you see what you want them to become one day. And now they are the biggest blessing of all!

So the moral of the story is: As a parent, be prepared to make your family your priority as you will reap the blessings later in life. The seeds you sew now are what you shall reap later in life.

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