Guides to Corporate Fitness Success. Part 4

Companies also have to be very careful with incident documentation. Any injury that occurs at the workplace (even in a fitness facility) while on company time can become a potential claim for worker’s compensation. (more…)

Guides to Corporate Fitness Success. Part 3

Workforce-appropriate program design

An exercise facility and its programs should be designed with the workforce in mind. Employees who are desk-bound will need a general exercise program that includes all three aspects of fitness, while construction workers may need special equipment to strengthen the lower back and upper body. Also, a majority of corporate fitness customers would benefit from a class on stress management. (more…)

Guides to Corporate Fitness Success. Part 2

Keep costs modest

Most companies want reasonable results (such as improved morale) from modest exercise expenditures, particularly when the workforce is small. For example, having several full-time personal trainers, group exercise instructors and administrative personnel on staff might be possible for a large corporation, but a small company may only be able to afford one fitness employee. (more…)

Guides to Corporate Fitness Success. Part 1

An onsite fitness center is an important recruiting and retention tool for corporations. Employers who offer exercise opportunities experience improved job performance, productivity and morale, and may benefit from reduced healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism and reduced turnover. (more…)

Sherry’s Journal: Week Four. Part 2

Other than that, I didn’t make any major progress this week in reducing the amount of fat in my diet. I have noticed that my weekend eating is fairly erratic and not particularly healthy. I also forgot to bring fruit to work. Sadly, it is languishing in the bottom of my fridge. So, I fell back to some of my older patterns when I got home. Hunger drove me; I wasn’t thinking. (more…)

Sherry’s Journal: Week Four. Part 1

First, let’s talk about my successes. This week I pushed my exercise sessions up to the recommended 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. This started with my walk at the beach on Sunday morning. I took a bike path that runs parallel to the shoreline — 15 minutes in one direction and then 15 minutes back. I kept a steady pace with no ocean gazing. (more…)

Fitness. The Next Step. Part 2

Remember, at higher levels of capacity, harder and longer workouts require more recovery effort and if that recovery has not been completed before the next session two things happen: (more…)

Move it!

Want to do something really special with your kids this weekend? Forget about taking them to the local fast food joint or renting them another video game. Take them to the park and toss around a Frisbee instead. (more…)

A Change in Approach

Although there are few absolutes when attempting to promote any health-related behavior change, several things are clear regarding adaptation to regular exercise. (more…)

Fat Burning Getting Down to the Basics

I heard that the noontime strength-training class here is excellent,” one female client remarks to another. “But when I asked the instructor if it was a fat-burning workout, she didn’t understand my question. She just shrugged and told me not to worry about bulking up. I really need a workout that gets me into my fat-burning zone.” (more…)