Soy Milk

I am a young one-year survivor of breast cancer. My cancer was not estrogen receptor positive. Is it safe to drink soy milk in place of regular milk? I had heard that this reduces your immune defenses, and wonder if my two years of daily consumption of the beverage may have contributed to my disease. (more…)

Flu Is Due

So Are Lots of Shots

With the flu virus percolating quietly in scattered states across the nation, disease officials reiterated their call for healthy Americans to allow more vulnerable people first access to the vaccine as it arrives.


Hemochromatosis Post 3

Should you get screened?

Currently, Sharon McLoser, MD, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, is spearheading a project to evaluate the potential for screening all adults. The call for such screenings has not been formally accepted. In the meantime, if you recognize some of the symptoms described in the accompanying article or have a family history of IOD, by all means go for a checkup.