Soy Milk

I am a young one-year survivor of breast cancer. My cancer was not estrogen receptor positive. Is it safe to drink soy milk in place of regular milk? I had heard that this reduces your immune defenses, and wonder if my two years of daily consumption of the beverage may have contributed to my disease.

Congratulations on your valiant fight against breast cancer! I would like to recommend that you first talk with your oncologist and primary care physician and ask their advice on your eating plan. They are always your best source of health information. You can also check out a a book by Diana Dyer, a dietitian who has survived breast cancer twice. The book, A Dietitian’s Cancer Story, is wonderful and can be purcahsed at Amazon.
Soy milk and soy foods in moderation should be OK according to the Soy Foods Council review of the medical research. Remember, you can always eat too much of any healthy foods. And no, soy foods will NOT cause the breast cancer or any other cancers.

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