Radial Keratotomy. Part 1

One of the new interventions for near-sightedness is Radial Keratotomy. Near-sightedness is often an inherited condition. That is, you have trouble seeing objects at a distance. It is termed Myopia. People with an unevenly curved cornea or astigmatisms have difficulty focusing on an object and often experience a doubling or ghosting effect. Glasses and contact lens have long been used to correct these visual problems. Yet these are not solutions for everyone. Glasses commonly limit your side vision. They can fall off, they can break and they can become uncomfortable to wear. Contact lens can dry your eyes if you have allergies, or you may not be able to tolerate them. Eye infections are a very real possibility with the use of contact lens.

Recently a new option to correct eye this eye condition through surgery has become available. Radial Keratotomy (RK), astigmatism keratotomy (AK) actually surgically changes the way that images are focused within your eyes. It may free you from needing any corrective eyewear. The best candidate for RK or AK is someone over 21 who has had myopia or astigmatism for a long time and who is otherwise in good health with no other eye problems.

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