Preventing Colon Cancer

Strict science has given us little means to prevent this disease. Reduced animal fat in the diet, reduced alcohol intake, elimination of tobacco and possibly an increase in dietary bulk (fiber) are the only suggestions illuminated by research. Miracle cures of advanced cancers and other diseases have been achieved by methods that exceed the capabilities of science to evaluate. Presumably these same measures would assist in prevention as well as cure. Measures include laughter, exercise and bodily fitness, prayer and meditation, a positive attitude, stress reduction and food selection. The common grounds for most of the diet recommendations are:

Meat and animal fat are usually condemned.

Fish (particularly salmon) and sometimes poultry are often included.

Refined grains (white rice, white bread…) are almost always censured.

Whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat, oats…) are always recommended, usually as the mainstay of the menu.

Refined (white) sugar and sometimes all sugars are forbidden. Honey and molasses get mixed reviews.

Skim milk and eggs also get mixed reviews.

Vegetables that are red, orange and yellow are encouraged. The color represents chemicals that are supposed to be beneficial.

Vegetables that are green and leafy, including seaweeds, are the mainstay of a macrobiotic diet and are usually a large part of other diets.

Fats and oils of all kinds (except olive oil and fish oil) are to be minimized.

A wide variety of “nutritional supplements” such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs and algae (now known as neutraceuticals) are usually included, with specific recommendations depending upon the condition you want to deal with.

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