How to De-Stress Your Life. Part 1

Stressed out, burned out, left out or out in left field? With downsizing, cost-cutting, member demands, information overload and the pace of life at an all-time high, the daily irritability factor is also at an all-time high. People and circumstances have the opportunity to push your buttons 24 hours a day. How do you deal with these dreaded people and situations without losing your mind? Read on to learn a method designed to fight off the madness commonly suffered by managers.

According to Albert Ellis, Ph.D., and Arthur Lange, Ed.D., in their book How to Keep People from Pushing Your Buttons, four feelings can cause stress and prevent you from performing at your best: excessive anxiety, anger/defensiveness, depression/burnout and guilt. Take a moment to write down which of these emotions you have felt today. Be honest. Note the word excessive. According to Ellis, excessive means that, by your own judgment, you are overreacting. The first step in managing stressful situations is to recognize when you are overreacting. This step can be the most difficult because it takes courage to assume responsibility for one’s own actions and reactions. Ellis points out that having feelings is healthy, but these feelings can lead to overreaction. If you overreact, you let someone or something push your buttons.

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