Guides to Corporate Fitness Success. Part 5

Also, many corporate fitness managers must deal with a facility that is converted office space or set in a small corner of the basement. This presents unique marketing challenges to make sure all employees know where the facility is located and what equipment is offered. Standard ceiling heights in many offices do not accommodate taller pieces of equipment, and the centers are often not big enough to offer a separate area for group exercise classes.


In the long run, fitness is its own reward, but short-term incentives encourage participation. Tracking and rewarding faithful attendance and personal improvements, such as enhanced aerobic fitness or weight loss, are more appropriate than direct competition among participants. It is intimidating enough for most people to work out alongside a coworker or their boss; a corporate fitness manager does not need to add to this stress by only offering programs that reward “the best” or “the most fit.”

One way you can offer incentives is by “spotlighting” a member on a monthly basis who has accomplished a fitness-related achievement. Examples include people who have lost weight, people who have participated in charity events and those who have completed their first marathon. You can also reward members who have perfect attendance or who help bring in another member.

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