Guides to Corporate Fitness Success. Part 4

Companies also have to be very careful with incident documentation. Any injury that occurs at the workplace (even in a fitness facility) while on company time can become a potential claim for worker’s compensation. For instance, if your member injures a knee while exercising and is required to be off work for six weeks due to surgery, that person can file a worker’s compensation claim or short-term disability claim that will be paid for by your company. Incident documentation needs to start with your fitness center staff to make sure the employee gets all the money they may be entitled to, and to determine whether the employee is trying to make a false claim. Without proper documentation, a simple incident can turn into a legal nightmare.

Harassment issues must also be dealt with. Since harassment is not tolerated in the workplace, this applies to the corporate fitness facility. Sometimes members think they can “loosen up” their language or actions since they are in a relaxed atmosphere or because they have changed out of their suit. However, the same rules still apply. If there is a problem, it must be documented, taken up to the company’s human resource department and, if applicable, disciplinary actions must be taken.

Equipment and space

Corporate fitness centers need to offer clean, well-maintained equipment and facilities (including lockers and showers) in pleasant surroundings that are accessible to employees throughout the day. Most corporate fitness users will be in the facility before work, at lunch or after work, creating three distinct “busy times” for a company that is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. But some companies with 24-hour operations will need fitness staff around the clock to accommodate all employees’ work schedules. For example, Citicorp Fitness Center in Hagerstown, Md., teaches a group exercise class at midnight.

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