Guides to Corporate Fitness Success. Part 2

Keep costs modest

Most companies want reasonable results (such as improved morale) from modest exercise expenditures, particularly when the workforce is small. For example, having several full-time personal trainers, group exercise instructors and administrative personnel on staff might be possible for a large corporation, but a small company may only be able to afford one fitness employee. That person might be asked to be a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, facility manager, program director and nutrition consultant all in the same day. If your company must hire only one person, it should hire someone who has many fitness talents and also has some managerial experience.

LMGT has a manger and three exercise specialists who cover two facilities for 13 hours each day, five days a week. Each person must be able to teach group exercise classes, provide personal training, run the facility and answer basic nutrition questions. It also offers an internship position three times a year to a college student majoring in health or fitness. It uses the interns to expand its knowledge base and programming options, as well as to substitute for the regular staff members when they are on vacation or sick leave. In this way, staffing costs are kept to a minimum.

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