Diana’s Bag. Part 2

The music, the videos, and all other bits of entertainment were a waste of space. I was too tired, too busy, and too spaced out to want or be able to enjoy these diversions. (more…)

Diana’s Bag. Part 1

When I was 36 weeks into my first pregnancy, my doctor concluded our visit by telling me to “pack the bag.” I was a bit taken aback — I hadn’t realized that I needed to be prepared quite so far in advance. “Oh yes,” she told me. “It can happen any time now.” (more…)

Muddled Messages About Breast Milk Safety

Mothers are not getting the straight story on safety for their children. First it was toxic baby bottles. Now it is contaminated breast milk. What is a mother to do?

Managing Symptoms to Improve Adherence

Medications should always be taken as directed by your physician. However, I understand that this is not always so simple and that side effects can sometimes interfere with adherence. (more…)

More Lumps after Lumpectomy

Q.I am 28. I had a lumpectomy eight months ago and was told it was benign, but since the surgery I have noticed more lumps. Is this normal, or is there a chance it could be breast cancer? (more…)

Putting Women on the Ticket

Hello out there in politics land, is anybody listening? Here we are, a brand-new century upon us and still, there is no woman on the national presidential and vice presidential ticket. True, lip service was paid by both Republicans and Democrats. Elizabeth Dole, the Republicans kept murmuring, ignoring Christine Todd Whitman, the highly competent and visible New Jersey governor because she’s pro-choice up to and including partial birth abortion. In the end, even the murmurs came to nothing. (more…)

Limiting Your Tax Liability After a Divorce

Would you please explain the new tax ruling concerning “innocent spouses”? What does it do?

On July 22, President Clinton signed the IRS Restructuring & Reform Act of 1998. It contains legislation that helps women (or men) who are fighting the IRS over tax bills run up by their ex-spouses.