A Surprising Final Four, Part 1

After a bit of a hiatus from Survivor, I thought it would be a good idea to catch you up on what has happened down in the Amazon jungle so that you can jump into the next episode feeling as if you’re “in the know.”
(First of all, I should thank everyone who wrote wondering why the hell I haven’t written anything for the last few episodes. I really have no excuse, but if you’d like to think I was busy doing something incredibly exciting and world-events-changing, please do.)

As was typical of all prior review episodes, last week’s was basically a waste of time. The only new stuff included more reasons as to why people voted as they did, Joanna aka Super-Annoying-Religious-Idiot woman screaming some more, Christy teaching some sign language, and maybe a few other minor things I’ve already forgotten.

Here’s what’s going on…
Rob has lit the bomb’s fuse called “Too many secrets and alliances.” He has a secret spy-like arrangement with Increasingly-Psychotic-Looking guy to pass on voting directives to Non-Noticed-Ignored-Guy-Who’s-Ability-to-Remain-is-Starting-to-Impress-Me man, but since it’s a secret spy-like arrangement that no one can suspect them of having, Increasingly-Psychotic-Looking guy must go out of his way to ensure that he and Rob are never seen speaking together.
So, they’ve created what they call a chain of communication. This is one of those concepts creative 6-year-olds make up when they play with action figures and make the cool bad-guy voices. In fact, I totally expect either of them, during their post-eviction Early Show interview, to say that they were just playing when they detailed all that secret spy communication stuff.

Play or not, Rob told everyone else how he’s sending Increasingly-Psychotic-Looking guy on wild goose changes just to keep him busy and they all laughed and laughed, making Rob feel oh-so-good about himself.

What Rob does not understand is that sooner or later, all those people he has laughing with him over how well he’s able to lie to Increasingly-Psychotic-Looking guy and Non-Noticed-Ignored guy will realize, “Hey, wait a minute. If Rob can lie so well to those two who consider him a friend and partner, who’s to say that he can’t lie to us just as well?”

Something else that makes me question things about Rob is his continual mention of how he thinks Increasingly-Psychotic-Looking guy is going to kill him. Everyone else has also made similar comments, but never anything about him being dangerous. So, I think it’s possible that the others in the tribe are simply yupping Rob along.
In other words, this is a case of a dweeb being allowed to hang around with the popular people because this dweeb is helping them with their grades or he’s a computer hacker that got them credit cards or something like that.

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