A Wholesome Method of Detoxifying Your Body

If you think you are ill, tired, have bad skin, are achy, hurt or have digestion troubles, then you might need to clean your body and get rid of poisons using a natural method of detoxification.

Detoxification is a method of removing and ridding the system of toxic substances. These poisons might originate from food, your surroundings, as well as other chemicals that result in an unusual malfunction of our bodies. Without proper system cleansing, toxins can adversely impact the whole anatomical and cellular structure. The kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system and skin also work to rid the body of toxins. But if the body’s organs are compromised, toxins won’t be adequately filtered out. (more…)

North American Symposium on Empowerment

I arrived in Montreal around suppertime on November 3nd, a small town girl dazzled by the big city lights, wondering what what the North American Symposium on Empowerment was all about. As I prowled around the next day with my tape recorder in hand, I sought out someone to interview. The first person I talked to was Sebastian Maltais, a communication agent for the symposium. “What do you hope to achieve with this conference?” I quizzed. He replied, “We want to promote the values of empowerment … have people share their experiences. “How many people are here?” I asked. “About 400.” Sebastian replied. That night a lavish banquet was held and the guest of honor was the Minister of Health and Social Services for Quebec, who promised more help for psychiatric survivors.