How to De-Stress Your Life. Part 4

Step 2: What am I thinking to make myself upset? Maybe the new owner will replace me before giving me a chance. Maybe our personalities will clash. Maybe I’ll be out of a job. (more…)

How to De-Stress Your Life. Part 3

Absolutist thinking involves phrases like “I should” and “I must.” In a work setting, people often get “should” on by bosses with phrases and inferences like, “You should be more creative or aggressive like other managers.” Or, in the case of an incompetent manager trying to coach a subordinate, “You should be more like me.” (more…)

How to De-Stress Your Life. Part 2

Remember your ABCs

What causes you to become irritated, overreactive, stressed or burned out? Ellis developed the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy model, which includes looking at a set of ABCs. A’s represent activating events, which can include specific people or situations. B’s are beliefs about the activating events. (more…)

How to De-Stress Your Life. Part 1

Stressed out, burned out, left out or out in left field? With downsizing, cost-cutting, member demands, information overload and the pace of life at an all-time high, the daily irritability factor is also at an all-time high. People and circumstances have the opportunity to push your buttons 24 hours a day. (more…)