The Importance of Food and Weight Within the Family Structure

Assessing the eating habits and the overall activity level of the family is important when working with adolescents. It can be challenging to establish a helpful pattern of interaction between eating and weight issues with an overweight teen. In fact, many parents are often dealing with their own concerns about weight or have a history of being overweight as adolescents. (more…)

Proper Nutrition

This week I have been fighting the same cold that the rest of the world has, and losing most of the time. On Saturday and Sunday, I felt miserable but kept going. By Monday I was on the sofa under a blanket, and Tuesday was the same. I wasn’t worrying too much about what I was eating. Looking back on the week, I know I ate too much fat. Somehow, I still lost 1.5 pounds. I did get the veggies in on some days. (more…)

Food–The Ultimate Source for Vitamins, Minerals, and Phytonutrients

Can a multivitamin supplement make up for a poor diet? The answer is just a click away. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out “This Week’s Tip”–it will help you get on the road to healthier eating!