Can’t Vomit After Fundoplication

Q.I had hiatal hernia surgery two years ago. A few months ago, I got the stomach flu. The first thing I did was run to the bathroom to throw up, but I couldn’t. I had the dry heaves and diarrhea all night. Am I now not able to throw up? (more…)

Postal Worker’s Son Sues Over Anthrax Death

The son of a US postal worker who died of inhalation anthrax has filed a lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente alleging a doctor at the health maintenance organization misdiagnosed his father’s illness, the Washington Post reported in its Wednesday editions. (more…)

Outsourcing A Growing Trend Post 3

Corporate restructuring

With manufacturers going direct and changing their terms and conditions, resellers are facing another round of channel chaos. This will require a different perspective and approach to your business. If changes are not made promptly, you may find yourself out of business. (more…)

Outsourcing A Growing Trend Post 2

Cost Savings

There are different levels of operating costs that can be reduced, controlled or even eliminated with outsourcing. First and foremost is direct cost. For example, the direct cost would be the employee’s salary, taxes and benefits. Second would be indirect cost such as office supplies, telephone, desk, computer, chair and other overhead expenses associated with having that employee. Third would be the operational costs. For instance someone had to hire the employee, cut their paycheck, train them, take care of personnel issues, etc. used by that employee. (more…)

Outsourcing A Growing Trend Post 1

Outsourcing is the process of contracting with an outside firm to handle duties or functions that are not part of your business’s core competency, but are being handled internally. The outside firms specialize in these functions and therefore, offer many benefits to your organization.

Hemochromatosis Post 3

Should you get screened?

Currently, Sharon McLoser, MD, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, is spearheading a project to evaluate the potential for screening all adults. The call for such screenings has not been formally accepted. In the meantime, if you recognize some of the symptoms described in the accompanying article or have a family history of IOD, by all means go for a checkup.


Your Feelings and Emotions

I have been thinking about our reluctance to share negative feelings or sometimes, even acknowledge they exist. Also, so many of us feel we need to keep these feelings in, because otherwise, we are being self absorbed or self-centered.

Well, how about thinking of it as not being self centered, but being “self caring”. Don’t feel that you are feeling sorry for yourself. A friend I have recently met, with a chronic illness herself, expresses this as “entitlement to grief”. I love that, because they are our feelings, and even ones that are born of sadness and grief, we are entitled to them. It is important to feel these emotions. Feelings of anger, hurt, fear, frustration, and even just simply sadness, get buried deep within us, because we feel they are inappropriate to talk about or share with others. This issue comes up from time to time at our support group here, as well as at an online MS support group I facilitate.