Chiropractic The Victim’s Perspective. Part 4

Just What Chiropractors Need — Another Fixation?
I think the book’s only major shortcoming is that it does not adequately address the shift underway within chiropractic toward motion palpation and the fixation concept. Many chiropractors, realizing the bankruptcy of the “bone-out-of-place,” “kink-in-the-nerve” dogma, have abandoned the classical subluxation theory in favor of the “motion paradigm.” (more…)

Chiropractic The Victim’s Perspective. Part 3

A Fool’s Paradise
The chapter titled “Dubious Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques” only scratches the surface of chiropractic’s methodological madness. There are so many different chiropractic techniques — many more than Magner lists — all allegedly comprehensive — that I honestly don’t know how chiropractors decide which ones to learn and use. (more…)

Chiropractic The Victim’s Perspective. Part 2

“Subluxated” Thinking
Chapter 3 deals with the elusive chiropractic “subluxation.” Magner quotes many definitions of “subluxation” from various chiropractic sources. The more definitions one reads, the funnier they sound. Here’s my favorite, which I believe the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) issued in the 1980s:


Chiropractic The Victim’s Perspective. Part 1

Chiropractic: The Victim’s Perspective (Amherst, New York: Prometheus Books, 1995), by George Magner, is an important and timely book that especially should be read by anyone who is either receiving or contemplating receiving chiropractic treatment. (more…)