IT and healthcare: more than a marriage of convenience. Part 2

This new reality can help to reduce the demand on precious healthcare resources. An enlightened patient is less likely to run back to their doctor’s office for every minor complaint. Add up these wasted visits and you’ve got a lot of excess cost in the system. (more…)

IT and healthcare: more than a marriage of convenience. Part 1

When IT professionals talk about information technology and healthcare, it’s usually in the context of hospital information systems. (more…)

Don’t bash Linux if you haven’t got your hands dirty. Part 2

I’ve come to observe a passion in its believers that is simply stunning and overwhelming. People who work on this stuff believe in what they’re doing, to an extent I feel is unparalleled in the history of computing.


Don’t bash Linux if you haven’t got your hands dirty. Part 1

It’s in the story of the Internet that we find the future of computing. After all, the Internet emerged from a world in which ideas were openly shared and freely exchanged.

Back in 1994, big companies had a vision for the future. (more…)

More Than Just Rearranging Furniture. Post 2

CF: Clutter might seem like a minor issue, but it has deep effects. What about the architecture of a place that you’re living or working in?

RG: You are made up of energy. You’re emitting electromagnetic energy all of the time. And so is the architecture. For example, imagine where two walls come together to form a ninety-degree angle inside a home or work space. Feng Shui calls this a “poison arrow.” What that means is that, if you were in an office or cubicle with a desk situated right at that juncture, it has been found that the electromagnetic field coming off of that architectural juncture really extends out about five or ten feet from its location. (more…)

Internet Stock Balloon Mostly Rising on Hot Air

In his recent column (Prophets of Gloom Wrong About Net Stocks, Jan. 30), Don Tapscott argues passionately that anyone who dares discount the potential of the current round of Internet stock plays is doing himself a disservice. He seems offended that there are people who indicate things are out of hand when a company that has $7-million in sales is valued at $2.5-billion.


Death of the Salesman not likely in e-business

The e-business buzz goes on. There’s no end to the grandiose predictions, many of which, if correct, would obliterate entire professions almost overnight.

Consider the fate of the salesman, in light of speculation about business-to-business marketplaces, those on-line procurement initiatives.


What to do?

With aggressive new online companies such as Webvan and rocking their foundation, is there a future for supermarkets and pharmacies? Today, they may seem like only competitive gnats: The overall percentages that online players are expected to garner remains small. Forrester Research estimates that online sales of grocery products will be about $500 million in 1999, representing only a small portion of the more than $400 billion grocery business in the United States. (more…)