A Surprising Final Four, Part 3

A Hopeful Final Four
What are the chances that Matt, Butch, or Christy approaches Rob and tells him the obvious: That if he votes with the “cool people,” there’s no way he could possibly go higher than fourth place? Rob has shown smarts all along. Is it possible for him to put aside his lusting over the unattainable Heidi and realize that he will never truly be “in” their group?

(Note: The pictures of Heidi are to document her drastic changes throughout her less than 30 days in the jungle.)
If they can convince Rob of this, then we would see a final four that would truly be a joy to have. If not, then we’d be left with the eye candy, who I must admit has played a good game. I can’t deny them that. My only problem with the “cool people” is that they still have their have-yet-to-grow-up-and-realize-that-there’s-more-to-people-than-physical-beauty mindset. They’ve played a good game and they’ve been pretty good strategists (with some exceptions), but their immaturity leaves a bit to be desired.

Thus far, we haven’t seen Butch and Matt having many conversations with Christy, but we know they had to have bonded out there. I have a feeling that the editors have purposely not shown us this because there is a long-shot that we’ll see them convincing Rob to vote against group hottie-body.

Psycho or Editing?
And we’ve seen Matt portrayed as a potentially murderous psycho, but I wonder how much of this is due to editing. Matt’s father is a bone-and-joint surgeon — Dr. Harry Von Ertfelda. Matt went to a prestigious culinary school in Paris. We already know he speaks Mandarin because he grew up in Hong Kong. And according to an article in his local paper, Matt has successfully traversed the Darien Gap, a famous jungle stretch that links Colombia to Panama.

He dived for sunken treasure off Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands and has trekked deep in the jungle into unmapped areas of New Guinea to track cannibals.

It’s difficult to have done all these things and not have social grace and be a complete, freak-everyone-out loner. Yes, he’s looking increasingly psycho, but we must put things into perspective: compare Matt’s changes to Heidi’s!

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