A Surprising Final Four, Part 2

Rob isn’t really “in” their group even though they are doing very well at making him think he is.
So, who’s left? Here’s a little review:
Rob aka Thinks-He’s-Cool-Drools-over-the-Hotties-Forgotten-Magic-8-Ball-Too-Many-Alliances-Too-Many-Secrets boy.
Alex (see the picture at right of the skinny guy whose pants are falling off) aka Way-Too-Skinny-Triathlon-Coach-Successfully-Flirts-With-The-Hotties-Weird-Beard-Action-On-His-Neck guy.

Heidi aka Increasingly-Ugly-Athletic-Goddess-With-Disproportionately-Large-and-Very-Firm-Breasts-Who-Flips-Between-Keen-People-Observation-to-Generally-Clueless-Remarks-the-Majority-of-the-Time-Being-on-the-Clueless-Side girl.
Jenna (see the extremely flattering picture of the hottie at left) aka Almost-Beautiful-But-Looking-Better-and-Better-a-Little-Too-Obvious-With-Her-Aren’t-I-Cute-Looks-Swimsuit-Model girl.

Those four above are in some sort of “cool people” alliance, while the remaining three are being left to flop around on their own with seemingly no direction or organization.

The remaining three:
Matt aka Increasingly-Psychotic-Looking guy formerly King-of-the-Adjectives-Former-College-Studmuffin-Asshole-With-Surprisingly-Large-Muscles-and-Non-Expressive-Face-Who-Wears-Expensive-Sunglasses-and-Speaks-Cantonese-Mandarin-Who-Grew-Up-in-Hong-Kong-and-is-Able-To-Cook-a-Mean-Guppy-Were-He-To-Have-the-Right-Spices-and-Seasoning man.
Butch aka Non-Noticed-Ignored-But-May-Have-a-Few-Tricks-Up-His-Sleeve guy.

Christy (whose name I’ve always remembered so she has no adjectives). Christy is easily my favorite and it has absolutely nothing to do with her being deaf. She has repeatedly proven herself to be very insightful and very perceptive. She has held her own in every challenge. Her smile is entirely magnetic. She works hard. She’s not afraid to speak her mind (which is her one downfall in this relationships-oriented, be-nice-to-your-enemies game). And she (along with Butch) is probably loving and appreciating this experience more than anyone else out there in the jungle. The ONLY reason she isn’t seen as a leader is because the “cool people” are too idiotic and insensitive to realize all that she has to offer.

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