Soy Milk

I am a young one-year survivor of breast cancer. My cancer was not estrogen receptor positive. Is it safe to drink soy milk in place of regular milk? I had heard that this reduces your immune defenses, and wonder if my two years of daily consumption of the beverage may have contributed to my disease. (more…)

The Way to Tai Chi Chuan, Part 2

One of the most important factors in learning anything is the instructor. It is essential to find a good teacher if you want to learn Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi is such an elusive art that it is difficult for a beginner to know that he or she is getting the “real thing”. There are some qualifiers that the beginning student can watch out for. (more…)

The Way to Tai Chi Chuan, Part 1

Tai Chi Chuan or Tai Chi is probably the most popular and least understood activity in the world. Things aren’t quite as clear as in other activities like aerobics or jogging. For those who would begin this unfamiliar art, there are many questions: (more…)

Be a Coach: Learn to Inspire Commitment. Part 2

Being clear

Employees may begin projects with great enthusiasm, only to become bogged down in collateral issues, personality conflicts, and other irrelevant and counter-productive matters. In these situations, personal interaction is the key. Meet with each staff member and clearly explain to them what their goals are. (more…)

Candida Albicans, Part 2

The following is a “partial” list of yeast-connected illnesses:

Agitation, Allergies, Anxiety, Asthma, Body Aches, Bronchitis, Chemical Sensitivities, Chronic Heartburn, Colitis Constipation, Cramping, Depression, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Earaches, Gastritis, Headaches, Hives, Hyperactivity, Impotence, Infections, Insomnia, Lethargy, Loss of Libido, Loss of Memory, Menstrual Irregularities, PMS, Anxiety/Tension, PMS Depression/Moodiness, Sensitivity to Odors, Chemicals etc., Stomach Bloating, Weight Changes, Yeast Infections, and many more! (more…)

Be a Coach: Learn to Inspire Commitment. Part 1

Unless you’re influenced by my uniqueness, I’m not going to be influenced by your advice. — Stephen Covey

Fitness professionals spend a lot of time thinking and talking about motivation. (more…)

Candida Albicans, Part 1

There is a way to determine if you have Candida Albicans. Take this very short quiz and answer truthfully.

Rate Your Heath Quiz for Candida Albicans.
Count your “Yes” answers. (more…)

How to De-Stress Your Life. Part 4

Step 2: What am I thinking to make myself upset? Maybe the new owner will replace me before giving me a chance. Maybe our personalities will clash. Maybe I’ll be out of a job. (more…)

How to De-Stress Your Life. Part 3

Absolutist thinking involves phrases like “I should” and “I must.” In a work setting, people often get “should” on by bosses with phrases and inferences like, “You should be more creative or aggressive like other managers.” Or, in the case of an incompetent manager trying to coach a subordinate, “You should be more like me.” (more…)

How to De-Stress Your Life. Part 2

Remember your ABCs

What causes you to become irritated, overreactive, stressed or burned out? Ellis developed the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy model, which includes looking at a set of ABCs. A’s represent activating events, which can include specific people or situations. B’s are beliefs about the activating events. (more…)